Welcome to BobKeast.com! This is my internet headquarters for releasing information about myself. I invite you to browse through this site and email me if you any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks for stopping by.

This site was created to share information about myself to those interested in my ongoing efforts to promote Kentucky Lake, environmental and wildlife issues, and tourism.

I have several pages of information published on this site to help concerned visitors get acquainted with me and my past efforts to promote west Tennessee. If you visit my pages and check out my background, you will agree that I have the experience, desire, knowledge and ability to continue as an avid Ambassador of Tennessee.

I also have set up links to the right to some of the sites that I have on the internet covering my other interests, which include promoting Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River, working hard to increase tourism in west Tennessee, and creating a positive image of Tennessee to travelers and industrial prospects nationwide.

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